Family activity guide during quarantine, featured by top San Francisco fashion blogger Lombard and Fifth. Best dupes and affordable neutral finds.

Well, it’s official. We are all starting to lose it. I can’t remember what silence sounds like and if I hear someone yell “Mooooooooom!!” one more time, I might just get under my bed and never come out again. Ok, ok let me shift into park on the drama levels. But serisouly, if you are […]

At Home Tea Party that will boost your mood

Rachel Parcell Seersucker Long Sleeve Wrap Dress, fun home activities with girls, tea party, by top San Francisco fashion blogger Lombard and Fifth.

It’s been a rainy few days, so even getting out for our daily quarantine walk has been a challenge. The hardest part of this time at home for us has been finding ways to keep the girls entertained…..and not fighting with one another. Not going to lie, it has been a major challenge! So, I […]

How to Survive Disneyland

How to survive a Disneyland family vacation, featured by top San Francisco fashion blogger Lombard and Fifth.

While in Disneyland for Charlie’s 5th Birthday a few weeks ago, I was getting a lot of questions from you guys on tips and tricks I may have to help survive all the fun! And indeed, you need all the tricks to battle the melt downs, sore feet and the overall crankiness that comes with […]

Mermaid Family Halloween

Mermaid family Halloween make-up and costumes ideas styled by top San Francisco fashion blogger Lombard and Fifth.

Happy Halloween!! We had ourselves a mermaid party and even suckered Eric into being our King Triton. The girls and I REALLY got into full mermaid mode with our make-up, pearls, shimmery net scales on our faces and pastel wigs. I think this might be my favorite Halloween yet! Hope you all have the most […]

Family Valentine: 3 Valentines are Better than 1

The importance of a Family Valentine featured by top US life and style blog, Lombard and Fifth

3 Valentines are better than one! Even when it’s 80% total chaos and craziness. Those other 20% always seem to weigh way more. Every time we try to take family photos, at the end Eric and I turn to each other (sweating) and say in agreement “Never again!” But sure enough, I dragged everyone to […]

Screen Time Done Right | Circle with Disney

circle with disney family time

As much as I wish it wasn’t the case, I think every parent has to admit, screen time with our kids is a constant battle. I went through a time where I would feel guilty any time one of my daughters would have a device in her hand. Like I was a ‘lazy mom’ who […]

Dreamy Floral Memories | Rifle Paper Co for Chatbooks

Rifle Paper Co for Chatbooks' floral prints featured by top US life and style blog, Lombard & Fifth: image of a Chatbooks photo album

  Before there was Instagram, there were scrap books, and anyone who knows me well will tell you that I had spent a good chunk of my twenties laboring on volumes upon volumes of those, documenting my little family life. And then we moved onto a new era and my color printer got to breathe […]

Home Redesign with Homepolish

It’s hard to believe, but we have been in our home for almost seven years. The time has flown by it seems, but when I stop to think of all the amazing mile stones we got to experience in it, the list gets long very quickly. Through the births of both our girls, new business […]


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