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skincare favorites, beauty favorites, Lombard and fifth

Though as an influencer I get to try out lots of different products, there are definitely clear winners, which I end up ordering and reordering time after time. As I replenished my latest empties I thought I’d do a round up of my tried and true 10 top favorites. It was hard to narrow down from about 15, but I really wanted to stick to the products I use every single day. Here’s the round up!

skincare favorites, beauty favorites, Lombard and fifth

Tonique Confort Comforting Rehydrating Toner

I love trying out different toners and it is a step in my skincare routine I never miss. A toner rehydrates and replenishes your skin after cleansing, so you are putting back what was stripped away during cleansing and prepping your skin to absorb serums much better. This one is milky and soft and perfect for sensitive or dry skin. I love it for the texture and the hydration it delivers.


I am always on the hunt for the perfect SPF and it has to check multiple boxes well, to even get on my "ok I'll give it a try list" 1) enough protection, usually 40+ 2) Be silky/watery not thick and cakey 3) and this one is most important - MUST wear well under make-up i.e not pill or make the foundation cake up. This is HARD to find. However, this one from Elta MD has checked every single box. I use this tinted option, which also works great for my no make-up days, and gives a perfect light bronze glow.

Abeille Royale Advanced Youth Watery Oil

I use this every morning and night, right after toner. This watery oil isn't quite "oil", as it is not oily (I can't use facial oil because it makes me break out, so want to make sure I mention the consistency if you have the same issue) Its light texture with micro-beads replenishes skin, smooths and allows the skin to revitalize itself. And it just feels SO fresh on the skin. I carry a smaller size in my gym bag, to use after work outs as a refresher after cleansing and before spf.

Lancôme Absolue Soft Cream Revitalizing & Brightening Moisturizer

The Absolue Soft Cream has a cult following and I guess I'm part of the cult. I've used it for about a year now and have seen a visible difference in the plumpness of my skin since. (Even my cosmetic dermatologist commented on that, and you know that's THE best compliment!) I also love the light creamy texture. This is a cream that feels light but gives you all the benefits of a rich moisturizer. And the scent is also a winner. I usually hate any kind of scent in my skincare products, but this one has the lightest airy fresh scent that I look forward to enjoying every time I open the jar.

skincare favorites, beauty favorites, Lombard and fifth


I use these 3 times a week in the PM after cleansing. They are dual sides, so I first use the woven texture side to in a circular motion to break away any dead skin and then the smooth side to sweep it away. My skin has that post spa facial clean feeling with these. I love that they are easily packaged, i.e there are no individual packs to open or multiple steps. Just sweep and feel refreshed. *I use a physical exfoliator the other two week nights and then let my skin rest from any exfoliation on weekends, per my dermatologist's recommendation.


I got this lip mask in a gifting package and as soon as I tried it, I knew I needed to order a few extras to have in my purse so that this one wouldn't be stolen by my older daughter. Though it is an overnight mask, I mainly use it as a daily moisturizer. I also apply a more generous layer at night, after using a lip exfoliator.


This night serum works works to promote your skin's natural renewal cycle, with results starting to show in about 3 weeks. It targets dryness and absorbs really fast, not leaving my skin feeling sticky. Wears great under a moisturizer.

skincare favorites, beauty favorites, Lombard and fifth

skinceuticals H.A. intensifier

If I could only use one serum forever, this would be it. My skin is on the dry side and the H.A Intensifier has helped it hydrate significantly. It contains a high concentration of pure hyaluronic acid and boosts skin's hyaluronic acid levels by 30%. It helps with plumpness firmness and texture as well.


This is a newer to me product, I've been using for about a month now, however it was an immediate standout. I mentioned earlier that I usually stay away from facial oils, but decided to give this one a test because I've been looking for a new retinol product. And I am so glad I gave it a try, because it gave me best of both worlds. No irritation that I sometimes get from using retinol, and all the anti aging power while keeping the skin hydrated. I use it three times a week.


This is a highly concentrated overnight treatment designed as a final step in the skincare routine. It's rich yet not oily, really great for soothing dull, dry, and weathered-complexion. Helps to visibly restore dry skin and replenish its moisture barrier from within for new-looking skin. I have been absolutely loving this in the winter, when my skin always feels more rough.


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