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Home Redesign with Homepolish

home decor project with homepolish

It’s hard to believe, but we have been in our home for almost seven years. The time has flown by it seems, but when I stop to think of all the amazing mile stones we got to experience in it, the list gets long very quickly. Through the births of both our girls, new business ventures, countless sleepless nights and warm cuddles, this space hold memories in every little nook.

I laugh and cringe now when I think back on Eric and I first moving into this house and our decorating goals. We were excited to change and update as much as possible and went about it as two high school kids would. Going with our first instinct and without a tape measure. (more on that later) And although at the time I thought we had solid design ideas, I now realize had I had just a bit of professional help and guidance, we would have made smarter decisions for the long term.

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I think our biggest mistake was trying to do everything at the same time, and very quickly getting overwhelmed. Then just as quickly wanting to be done with it all. We were planning on getting pregnant and wanted to move into our house and call it a home. I do admit I let Eric talk me into the “let’s do it all at once and not live in a construction zone!” plan. Now, six and a half years later, and countless mentions of “honey, I really want to change……. wallpaper, paint color, furniture,” you name it, over our morning coffees or evening glasses of wine, he finally got on the same page. I think we were both starting to get the seven-year itch. The home décor kind.

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I was feeling excited and inspired, but more than anything determined not to make the same rookie mistakes again. To not buy gorgeous ivory arm chairs, which looked ‘just the right size’ at the huge showroom where we purchased them. Only then to look completely oversized in our living room, immediately thwarting my whole layout plan for the room. Did I mentioned we had them custom made, so no exchanges were possible? I learned enough from the first experience to know that this time, we would need a little help. But though I love watching those TV shows where the pros come into a home, do everything, and get to have the big reveal with the blindfolded home owner, the idea of me just ‘handing my house over’ to someone makes me nervous and kills my ‘décor joy’. So how can I make sure all of my ideas come together and make logical design and special sense?

home decor inspiration mood board with home polish

Enter Homepolish to save the day….and my redecorating dreams. Until I discovered this service I was very much under the impression that interior design was an all or nothing game. You either had to let the pros do every bit of a project or choose the DIY route. But where does that leave us Pinterest loving gals, who want the option of being somewhere in the middle? To have the freedom to spend countless hours making mood boards and picking out wallpaper, but then also having someone to help pull it all together. Well, now there is an option for everyone, no matter the scope of the job at hand. In just four easy steps, my new magic genie aka Homepolish designer would get to know me, my style and my project.

  “design is not a one-size-fits-all solution, so our service is customized to your unique style and needs.”

First I create a profile, describing my project, to get matched up with the perfect designer and set a complimentary consultation. This can be either in-home or over video chat. How great is that?! After the initial meeting, the designer sends a custom proposal, which for me is the biggest selling point. They outline the estimated amount of interior design hours needed, recap the details and include design inspiration. Once you’ve got your plan in place, and your anxiety levels down, the fun can begin. Stress and worry free! (and look at all the options they offer!)

Our home redesign goals include updating the wall color/wallpaper throughout the house and changing up some furniture in the family and dining rooms. Replacing our counter tops and adding some stand out lighting fixtures in the kitchen. I’m excited about all of those changes, but what will be my favorite project of all is a full on remodel of one of our girls’ rooms, turning it into my home office/fashion oasis. This project is about six months away, after Charlie turns three and we have the girls share a large bedroom together. I can hardly wait, especially because now I have my secret weapon at hand – Homepolish.

home redesign with home polishhome decor project with homepolish, decorating

Stay tuned as we start on our fun home redesign journey in the coming months!

A big thanks to Homepolish for partnering on this post.



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