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Repurposing Summer Pieces for Fall | Banana Republic

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Bag (c/o) The-Collectory | Blazer Bebe (older) similar | Shirt J Crew | Skirt Banana Republic | Heels ASOS (older) similar

For anyone who has a major love of shopping, a change of a season means two things. 1) You have an excuse to go shopping (because you ‘need’ new winter pieces!) 2) You have come regrets when you look inside your closet and realize that some of the choices you’ve made in the current season might never see the light of day again.

Through the years I’ve battled with this and gotten progressively smarter and more strategic with my purchase choices. When I’m shopping now, I always try to ask myself these three questions.

  1. Do I want this so much that I will wear it tomorrow? This is the ultimate fail safe for those items you find yourself holding up at the store and wondering “do I really need this?
  2. What are three very different ways I can style this item? i.e. can I transition it into the next season? Is it versatile enough to go with many things already in my closet?
  3. Will this stand the test of time? (the most important to me!) Is this something I want to invest in and wear for years to come.

Not every item I buy has to stand up to all three of these questions. Let’s face it, there are pieces we invest in and affordable, fast fashion choices we make to have an ‘on trend’ moment. But when I look at my closet, I am happy to say, I am finally in the 80/20 range. Eighty percent being pieces which I truly love and wear time and time again, and twenty percent being those in the moment or color of the season purchases.

This skirt from Banana Republic at first seemed like a very summer only option to me (last styled here). But upon further thought, I knew I could pair it with darker items and make it appropriate for fall. Since purchasing it about a month ago, I have styled it many different ways and looking forward to having a few winter moments too, pairing it with ivory chunky sweaters and boots.

Is there an item in your closet you are excited to transition from summer to fall? I’d love to hear all about it!

Here are a few other similar tiered skirt options I found.


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