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Workout Gal GIVEAWAY with Jemma NYC & K-Deer

Top | Leggings | Bag | Shoes | Hat

I am not a diligent GYM gal, so having the right outfit gives me the extra dose of motivation to want to do the actual workout! I have been absolutely obsessed with my Birdie gym bag from Jemma ever since I have received it a few weeks ago. It has become my absolute go to bag from the gym to weekend getaways (see past post here). So when Jemma Bag and K-Deer, a colorful, made in the US legging company wanted to do a little workout giveaway for my readers I was thrilled! I love being able to bring amazing products to you guys and these two brands are something I can really stand behind. I especially love the quality of both. With me, the way a product is made goes a very long way and being able to truly say, “this is not only a super stylish piece, but it will last forever so go ahead and invest in it!” means a lot to me. I have been wearing my colorful K-Deer leggings a whole lot and just love the thick yet comfy fabric and of course the amazing color pallet they have! If you want to stand out from the crowd, talk about the perfect brand! But now onto the super exciting part! One lucky reader will win the Jemma Birdie bag (several color options available) as well as a $250 gift certificate to K-Deer! Head over to my Instagram to enter (click HERE). We will announce the winner on Friday. Good luck loves!

A huge thanks to Jemma NYC and K-Deer for partnering on this post.



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