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At home pampering x Frank Body

At home pampering | Frank Body

Frank Body “Starter Kit” | Robe | Bodysuit |

I don’t get many moments to myself, let alone to indulge in some major pampering. Usually about three minutes in, I hear tiny feet thumping along toward me wanting to know what I’m doing. So any routine I can partake in that can yield amazing results quickly, give me a few moments to feel like I am at a spa, and have the most adorable packaging while doing all of this…….I’m game! This is where Frank Body comes in. The starter kit I am using is the perfect duo to get your skin amazingly smooth and give you that dewy glow. First up the coffee scrub, which feels super rich and natural on the skin, followed by the Body Balm which is seriously the most moisturizing balm I’ve ever tried! You can also use it on your cheek bones as a highlighter. This little combo packs a major punch and leaves me feeling refreshed and fab, even on a Monday night. Even when a little kitty cat wonders in to check on mommy 😉

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