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Transitioning Lace for Fall in Shop Lombard & Fifth

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Dress Shop Lombard & Fifth | Jacket Zara (older) | Heels Asos (older) | Bag Valentino |

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Who says lace is only for the summer months?! I love the idea of transitioning lace for fall. It’s been all the rage, and you don’t have to leave it behind for fall!
My favorite style update for the summer pieces that I like to keep in rotation through fall, is to simply pair them with my go to outerwear and darker accessories. It adds instant drama and makes the lace able to go from day to night. This dress from our shop is my absolute favorite (and under $70!) and I know I’ll be rocking it into the winter holiday season. What are some of your go to pieces that you like to wear year round?

Thanks for stopping by and have a fab weekend!




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