Embellished Jumpsuit + Site Redesign

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Jumpsuit Lyon + Post (c/o) | Bag Chanel | Shoes Sam Edelman (older) | Earrings Chanel |

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Jumpsuits are my jam. This embellished jumpsuit is my calling. When they are impeccably made and embellished with beading, this girl’s in her happy place. This one is from Lyon + Post and fits like a glove. I’m also totally in love with their selection of cocktail dresses as well. They choose designers that are known for using amazing fabrics and colors and curate the best mix of casual and fashion forward. And if you follow THIS LINK, when you check them out, you get a $30 shopping credit towards your first purchase!
Furhtermore, in other pretty news, as you have now noticed, my site has gotten a major redesign!! I’ve been wanting to update and improve my blog website for the past six months and it has been a major item on my long and ongoing to-do list of life. Well now, thanks to my amazing friend and all tech things guru Sohail Mamdani (who is also a great photographer!), my blush vision has been brought to life! To be honest, I was so ‘over’ my old blog look that it made me feel unmotivated every time I would open the site to do a new post. Now I fee like there has been a new life that has been breathed the website and with it my passion for this blog.
Additionally, my aesthetic has changed tremendously since I began this little ‘hobby’ over two years ago. It feels so great to have that now finally reflected all around. Hope you guys like the new look and I am really looking forward to adding even more great things in the coming months!

Thanks so much for reading and hope you have a great week!




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