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The Best Hair Salon in Walnut Creek

The Best Hair Salon in Walnut Creek

Hair salons are like boyfriends, once you find one you love, you keep them forever! And if they happen to be super cute, bonus points. I’ve been a very loyal fan of the Stem salon for almost a year now and recently shot some pics there after my color appointment. This new location just opened and it is an Instaworthy piece of heaven every where you look. And I mean EVERYWHERE! Even the bathroom is the cutest blush and palm leaf décor I’ve ever seen.

But what made me fall in love with Stem are the gals who run the salon and my amazing colorist Loren. I’ve struggled over the years to find a great colorist who really knows blonde well, and if you are a fellow blondie you know this is indeed a challenge. I would find someone who seemed to do a fairly good job one time, to quickly go to the land of orange at my next appointment. Like I wrote in the opening sentence – if you have someone awesome, you keep them! Loren is also an expert with extensions and has done mine (I use tape ins from Hotheads) for almost a year.

I often have gals reaching out on IG asking hair questions and honestly the first thing I ask them is if they are local to the Bay Area. If they are, I send them to Stem, aka the best hair salon in Walnut Creek. It’s like building a foundation. If that’s solid – everything else will fall correctly into place. Just grabbing the prettiest coffee at their adorable bar set up will get your hair on the way to feeling gorgeous!

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