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Our Bridesmaids Workshop – Creating the perfect Wedding Flower Crown

I’ve been helping my best friend Laura plan her wedding for the past year and you know there are a few things I just HAD to insist on us doing. Having a chic tea party with all the bridesmaids at my favorite place in San Francisco – Le Marais Bakery, and making flower crowns!
Well, little did I know, my wishes would come true, two fold, because we would be able to make this into one whimsical event! When I reached out to Tanya Gyani to see if she would lend her floral talent to the wedding, she suggested that instead of her just bringing flower crowns to the wedding, we could instead make a fun workshop out of it, and teach all the bridesmaids how to create their own perfect flower crown. I was thrilled! What a perfect way to have some bridesmaid bonding while creating personal touches for Laura’s wedding.

Le Marais Bakery has been my favorite ever since I was discovered this insta worthy spot about a year ago and then attended the most fun Galentine’s Day brunch there with some of my fellow blogger gals. (see the post here) They are as sweet as their beautiful creations and always beyond accommodating to special events and fresh ideas.

The day was here. We decided to first treat ourselves to some matcha lattes and desserts and then get to work, making our flower crown creations! The hardest part was convincing everyone to make the transition from party mode to ‘let’s get to work’ mode, but once we started working on the crowns and everyone began adding their own unique touches, it became a full on competition!

Suddenly we all got super quiet and the only chatter you heard was ‘who’s got more rosemary by them?” and “I need more succulents over here!” I was in creative juice heaven! A few of us were a little nervous about making our own crown. After all, this would be for a wedding, so the pressure was on to not screw it up! But Tanya could not have made it easier for us to follow along all her steps and guide each of us through the process. And now, I am just searching for a reason to make more crowns. I have a feeling I’ll be making some fall themed ones for the girls shortly! Tanya had the honor (I begged her to please do it!) of making the bride’s crown. We joked that we didn’t want to take any chances with that one! And of course she captured the perfect mix of whimsy and boho chic into the crown’s vibe.

On the big day, when it was time to dawn our crowns, we all couldn’t help but feel pride for our little creations. Honestly I didn’t even think about what a great special touch this would end up adding to the wedding, and can’t recommend it enough if you are planning your big day! Any time you can get all your girls together to work on a project for the wedding it makes the big day that much for special in the end.

Can’t wait to share more photos of Laura’s special day!

A huge ‘thank you’ to Le Marais Bakery and Tanya Gyani for helping to make the big day so beautiful.







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