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Framing our Memories | Mixbook

mixbook, gold frames, gallery wall

mixbook, gold frames, gallery wallmixbook, gold frames, gallery wall

mixbook, gallery wall, gold frames

mixbook, gold frames, gallery wall

Our family room has sported a gallery wall since Charlie was a baby. My girls, holding pink peonies, with their chubby baby cheeks have been looking back at me from that wall for the past three years. As much as I love and cherish those photos, we wanted to have a fun family project to frame some new memories.

I wanted to create something a bit different from our all white frame look. Discovering that Mixbook has virtually countless options from the typical photo printing to acrylic wall prints, which make the photo take on an amazing translucent quality, I knew it was the perfect option for our family project. The girls were so excited to help and Grace and I began spending evenings scrolling through family vacation photos and picking favorites. It was so special to revisit countless unforgettable moments, to get her take on what each meant to her. Charlie, with her three-year-old hurricane energy spun around us, screaming “mommy, when do I get to go back to see mickey?!!” making us laugh and squeeze her cheeks. Moments like these, when you can really take the time to look back, really make me appreciate the family Eric and I have built. Our amazing girls, like two little flowers blooming before my eyes.

mixbook, gallery wall, gold frames

Eric did his usual part, which means at first not being crazy about my wild idea of “just taking an afternoon to update our gallery wall”, because he knows me, and knows it would actually mean weeks of choosing frames, picking the layout, and ordering just the right prints and photos to fill them with. His initial reluctance is always followed by him getting completely into the project and taking it over, with his amazing eye for design and detail and bringing my ‘vision’ to life. He literally spent an entire Sunday placing each frame ‘just right’ while me and the girls played dress up and painted their nails purple.

mixbook, gold frames, gallery wall

When the wall was finished, we all climbed onto the couch and admired Eric’s handy work. “Mommy I’m a big girl now!” screamed Charlie, in her forever excited way, and all I could say was “you sure are baby”. It’s amazing how fast it all goes. How quickly they change. How busy we are, with our too long to do list to always fully notice the little moments. To take it all in. I know a wall is just a wall, but sitting there as a family, looking at our life hanging pretty on it, holding my girls’ close to me…well it just doesn’t get better than that.

Whatever special moments you may want to capture, I highly recommend heading to Mixbook. From decor ideas, to great deals, and even style inspiration, there is a whole lot more to see than just getting your photo printing needs covered. One thing is for sure, whether it’s a custom calendar, a huge poster of your kids, or a tiny single frame you will cherish looking at while at work, framing your memories is a priceless experience. For this mama, sharing this project with Eric and my girls was the best early Mother’s Day present I could have asked for.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

A big ‘thank you’ to Mixbook for partnering on this post.



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