Johnny was bohemian silk set at Filoli gardens

Every hour at Filoli Historical Gardens is magic hour. I cannot tell you how much I love it here, and especially at this time of the year, when it’s warm later into the evening and there is that shift in blooms from summer to early fall. It’s as if every inch of this gorgeous place is just showing you its best. Eric and I took the girls here last weekend to let them run around while we shot a reel, featuring some Johnny Was pieces. I love their casual glam bohemian vibe and these pieces truly do deserve some close up video moments because it’s their quality that made this brand such a cult favorite. This shirt for example, literally feels like butter. Ah, I don’t want to take it off, every time I wear it! I’ve rounded up more favorites from them below for you to browse. The fit of the brand is very true to size, and oh I cannot forget to tell you how well their jeans fit. I have trouble finding ones I love so an extra shout out to their denim game.

filoli gardens summer style styling johnny was pieces
Johnny Was CATHRON MINGLE BLOUSE at the filoli historical gardens
Johnny was bohemian silk set at Filoli gardens

Back to Filoli for a moment. They just started doing their extended hours on Thursday nights, so they are open until 8pm those days for the next two months or so. I highly recommend adding that to your calendar for a visit if you’re local, and especially, if you are planning a visit to the area! On those night, they offer wine and I believe possibly cocktails as well, so you can grab a drink and walk around the gardens. It is just divine. We are members and go quite often during the regular months (10am-5pm), but I really try to go to as many of these Thursday night “happy hours” as I can because it does just feel like you’ve traveled to an old world somewhere in Italy, and for us it’s just a 20-minute car ride. On that note, cheers to the magic hour and hope you have a great weekend!


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