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Unconventional Wedding DRESSing

unconventional wedding dressing white jumpsuit

unconventional wedding dressing white jumpsuit

My best friend is getting married this year, and we have run the full gamut of unconventional, for this very much unconventional bride. From looking for a forest green ball gown (impossible to find on a budget, don’t even start!) and trying on different color lace overlay contenders as a consolation prize option, to swooning over olive green high heel booties she ended up settling on as her ‘unconventional’ accent to a whimsical champagne colored dress.

With Pinterest becoming our communal wedding bible, the amount of ‘different’ and ‘unique’ now knows no bounds when it comes to planning your wedding look, and this got me thinking. “What is the typical bride these days?” One a scale from one to Cinderella, how many girls want to stick to the typical bridal look, with a white a-line dress and their somewhat mismatched (but perfectly matched) bridesmaids, and how many want to break the mold and dive into uncharted, aka not so pinned territory.

I had to dive in the only way I knew how, utilizing that search button. Well, a few minutes in, and as anticipated, the usual suspects came up: 1) the black wedding dress. 2) ombre pink gown a la Gwen Stephani at her wedding, in several interpretations of pastel 3) faux floral accents of the over the top kind.

I’m certainly not bashing anything here, and oh boy did I myself have the most cookie cutter wedding known to mankind, but…..well, where is the truly ‘unconventional’? And have we exhausted all the options?

How creative are we really getting with our wedding dresses that the craziest ideas Pinterest has to offer up as inspiration is a couple of well-placed giant dyed faux peonies on your gown? And is Solange our only hope for any type of slight out of the box thinking when it comes to wedding dressing?

best black wedding dresses


As I kept digging I slowly started to realize that I knew the answer all along.

Here’s the thing. While in ‘real life’ we get lots of chances to create all the looks in the world and to experiment with our style, on our wedding day…..well we only get one shot, or at least that’s the plan!

While we get the daily pass to color inside or outside the lines on a typical Tuesday, when it comes to saying “I do”, there are suddenly limits. Not because we are too scared to go outside of the norm, but probably because we are carrying with us a lifetime of soaking in what a wedding day is supposed to FEEL like. That’s right, not just look like, but what you should feel like as a bride. And as unconventional as you might be in your daily life, damn it when it’s “your ONE day”, you probably want to feel at least a little bit like a Disney character. Don’t worry girl, we’ve all been there.

So as much as we all want to be cool and different, you are not seeing anyone starting a denim wedding trend. There aren’t a ton of ‘theme’ wedding where the party is in full on costume, because well….it’s all about the bride. And the bride wants to be the star! Aka the one in the big white dress……with a dyed pastel skirt of course, because well, she’s unconventional!


Jumpsuit Solace via Rent the Runway (c/o) | Shoes Zara (similar) | Necklace Nieman Marcus (older) (similar)  | Glasses Givenchy via Solstice Sunglasses (c/o)



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