2014: A Look Back

This past year has been such a hectic one. Balancing work, family, my little peanut Grace and starting this blog has definitely made my plate very full. And now we will be welcoming baby number two in February! I am overwhelmed with both happiness and anxiety, thinking about how I will possibly be able to […]

I Am not Carrie Bradshaw

I have a problem. In my head, I am Carrie Bradshaw. My fabulous, curly-haired alter ego shows up virtually every time I walk in to a store.  As I browse the most formal section, picking out amazing cocktail dresses and sequin jumpsuits, I imagine myself wearing them at a chic party, with a glass of […]

The Death of the Statement Necklace?

Of all the trends in the past few years, the statement necklace takes the cake for me. The chunkier and more sparkly, the better! And if it’s from J.Crew? Well, I haven’t met one I didn’t want to become ‘besties’ with. And as my ‘jewelry closet’ keeps expanding, I am noticing a pattern: virtually every […]


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