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Pop of Pink

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Bag – Saint Laurent via Trendlee c/o | Bow Tie Blouse – Shop Lombard & Fifth | Motto Jacket – Shop Lombard & Fifth | Heels – Aldo | Sun Glasses – Roehampton Road c/o |

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With fall’s dreary weather coming, a new pop of pink is a must in this girl’s closet. And if it comes in a form of a gorgeous Saint Laurent bag from Trendlee, that’s even better! If you love designer handbags and haven’t heard of this company, get ready to be obsessed. They sell amazing preowned luxury bags with some major discounts. And you’re in luck because I have teamed up with this fab company to offer you 5% off your purchase using the code LOMBARDand5TH at checkout, so put your guilt away and start shopping! And PS let’s talk about this little preppy look from Shop Lombard & Fifth. I love a good classic bow tie blouse and this one has already been on repeat in my fall wardrobe. Paired with this simple but chic motto jacket, it’s an easy and comfortable look you can rock at the office (maybe with some skinny jeans instead of a mini!) or out and about. Stayed tuned for lots more bow tie pieces coming to SLF soon!

Thanks for visiting and have a fab week!

~ Veronica



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