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My simple dewey summer makeup routine

My easy 5 minute Dewey makeup routine for summer. By Veronica Levy, Lombard & Fifth. Iconic London, Charlotte Tilbury, Benefit, L’Oréal.

I haven’t shared my makeup routine details in a while, so I thought today I would do a little routine update post for easy quick dewey summer makeup. I am actually partnering up with Iconic London on my IG stories today to show some application details of the cream blush (I wear shade Power Pink) and one of my ultimate holy grail items – the Prep Set Glow hydrating spray, so if you’re reading this in real time, pop on over to see those in action. Now a bit on why I love the below items for summer. 

SUPERGOOP GLOW SCREEN – This is my step one for Dewey skin. By far the best spf to wear under make up and some days I wear it on its own, because it does give a nice slight tint. On makeup day I wait about 10 minutes after applying it, before putting on my radiance booster to have it fully soak into the skin.

ICONIC LONDON RADIANCE BOOSTER – You guys, let me just say you need this in your life!! If you like the Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter,  but wish it had just a tad more coverage so you could wear it as a foundation – this is it! I apply it with my fingers and a bit goes a reeeally long way. What makes it a big winner for me overall: great bailable medium coverage, beautiful glow, a hydration that I feel for the entire wear time. (This is a big one for me, having dry skin) 

My easy 5 minute Dewey makeup routine for summer. By Veronica Levy, Lombard & Fifth. Iconic London, Charlotte Tilbury, Benefit, L’Oréal.


BENEFIT GIMME BROW & THE MICROFILLING BROW PEN – If you want an easy, quick but precise brow routine this combo is great. I use the micro filling pen (shade one) first and then go over with the gimme brow to add a bit more depth. The microfilling pen is literally the best thing that’s ever happen to my brows, highly recommend! It goes on wet but is very light aka won’t make your brows look crazy, just very natural, like a good micro blading. 

ICONIC LONDON CREAM BLUSH – This blush is key part of my dewey summer “no make up”  makeup look. It is super buildable, and looks really natural, even the brighter shades like the Power Pink. I love Rose Riot as well for a perfect peachy hue. I apply this with my finger tips right over the radiance glow after letting it soak in a few minutes. 

ICONIC LONDON SET PREP GLOW – Ok this is the grand finale and my every day go-to. I love both shades (The Original and Glow)  but end up leaning toward the Glow most days, as a replacement for face tanner because this gives a super natural looking hint of bronze. And something exciting, they just came out with a mini size and since I always carry the spray in my purse, this obviously makes a huge difference! Speaking of having it in your purse, I do that to have a little hydration refresher throughout the day. 


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