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Marks & Spencer AUTOGRAPH Floral Print Bomber Jacket 1

Marks & Spencer AUTOGRAPH Floral Print Bomber Jacket 1

Bomber Jacket and Skirt by Marks & Spencer London

If you looked inside my closet a few years ago, you would not be able to find a single item with any kind of print. I was always a solid color kind of gal. But lately with the ever growing popularity of prints, I have noticed myself gravitating more and more toward bold pieces. When I saw these gorgeous pieces from Marks & Spencer London, I think I gasped a little. Ah, a matching bomber and midi skirt and with the most gorgeous print? What a combo! I love that the bomber makes the classic cut of the midi skirt suddenly more edgy and ‘today’, but also giving the overall look a timeless feel. This is my ultimate “live for today” outfit, which is one of Marks & Spencer’s mottos’. Going with the flow and with the trend. What I love about this brand most is the combination of great quality and the ethical sustainable production of the items. It makes each piece feel special and I know they will be something that I will wear for years to come. A few of my other printed faves are this cute set and this printed dress.

This collaboration was supported by Marks and Spencer and Shopping Links.

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