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If you live in SF, you know that if you drive thirty minutes in any direction, the weather will be different in each by at least 10 degrees. Ah, the joys of Bay Area living! I have often run out of the house only to realize a bit too late that I could have used a few more layers or a few less. But who wants to look at a weather report every morning? Well, now there might be something that will make that ole’ weather report a little more fun. I recently discovered a new app called Ensambl, which for me has quickly become a twofold tool. It lets you enter your location, and gives you outfit inspiration from bloggers based on the weather. You can swipe through the outfit suggestions, pressing the heart on those that are your favorites, to be saved. To discard outfits simply press the “x”. My favorite part is using this app for outfit planning when traveling, which is usually always a challenge for me. It allows you to enter any location and get outfit inspiration based on that location and the current weather there. How awesome is that?! It’s like getting together with all of your favorite blogger gals and getting their suggestions on what you should pack. Does this app come with a glass of wine? And if you want the outfit details, just tap the photo and you will be transferred to the blogger’s post for the info. I am heading to Napa on Sunday for a week long work trip and will surely be using this app to pack some ‘winery chic’ looks. You can download it here.

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