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Holiday Decorating Tips with eBay

Holiday Decorating Tips The holidays are finally here and in my house that means it’s time to decorate! I spend so much time each season deciding on what the colors and ‘feel’ will be, and have the best time shopping for every little detail. This year I headed straight to eBay and want to share […]

Checkmate | Fall Trends with eBay Fashion

Check-it-out, it’s all about the check print for fall and I am ALL in. Endless options for both styles and patterns, and where else to head to have the most options? eBay of course. Here come the fun facts! Did you know that eBay have over a billion live listings at any time? 68% of […]

Fall Trends with eBayFashion

After watching the madness of NYFW all I want is to layer up and throw on every piece of animal print I can find! eBay Fashion to the rescue! Why? Well, because many ‘it’ items I often have eye on (aka waiting for them to go on sale) sell out, and I find myself holding […]


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