Weekly top five favorites, good reads, style and beauty featured by San Francisco style blogger Lombard and Fifth.

MICROBLADING BROW PENCIL FROM BENEFIT – Just when I thought my “precisely brow” pencil from Benefit would be my forever holy grail brow tool, they have to go and one up themselves! This wet pencil does truly give you the look of microblade brows, and it’s super easy to use. Highly recommend as one of […]

My Most Used Beauty Products of 2019

Best Beauty products I used the most in 2019, featured by top San Francisco fashion blogger Lombard and Fifth.

I can’t truly call myself a beauty product junkie, but I will 100% go on a quest in search of those gems I will end up ordering and reordering for years to come. The below seven products are the ones I’ve used daily and packed on every single flight with me last year, and ones […]


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