Happy New Year! We’ve made it past the holiday madness, NYE sparkle, and ALL the post party clean up. I hope you feel rejuvenated and energized for everything 2024 is going to bring! I took some time to really reflect on what I want my year to look like and the main goals I am setting for myself are prioritizing time for things that really matter to me, not having an all or nothing mindset and welcoming in more self compassion. 

I really leaned into setting this tone in the past week. That slow time between Christmas and New Year’s, where your inbox is hibernating and your text threads are filled with messages from friends and family, and it felt amazing. Indulging in extra time with the girls, reading, decluttering drawers and reorganizing spaces I’ve been itching to get straightened up, but have not had the time for. Not feeling guilty that there is something “more important” I should be spending time on. This was the first time in a few years I took some real time off at the end of the holidays and it felt amazing. I let my brain and phone shut off and didn’t count the hours in a day in terms of  a to-do list. My IG page was quieter but my heart felt so very full. I am working on being ok with accepting that I will never have enough time for everything I want to accomplish every day and instead of thinking my hectic schedule will magically change in a few weeks, I need to think in “bits” instead of “all or nothing” terms when it comes to my days. That I am a human being not just a human doing. That something is better than nothing, and that small changes and steps toward progress in all aspects of life should be celebrated. That I can strive to let go of guilt and learn self compassion. This is something I have been working on in the past 6 months, through meditation, writing, therapy and a more structured wellness practice. This mind shift has been extremely helpful and I hope to take it mindfully, through 2024. I hope you can walk into this new year with lots of self compassion and trust that you are doing your best, at this specific season in your life, and whatever this year brings you, there will be a lot of amazing lessons to learn, memories to make and adventures to embark on! Thank you for being here. I am so very thankful for each and every one of you. Cheers to an amazing 2024 ahead. 

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