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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

Eliza-J fit and flare dress blush

Have you guys heard? The Nordstrom anniversary sale is happening!! Oh wait, yes you have. From EVERY SINGLE BLOGGER you follow. After hearing about it non stop for the past two weeks I have to admit, I have a weird sense of giddy excitement as I sit here writing this post at 11:19pm, with the Nordstrom site count down ticking away to midnight the next tab over. Ok ok, you’ve sucked me in Nordstrom!! So, by the time you read this, I have stayed up until ungodly hours of the night, shopping and picking favorites for you to browse with your morning coffee……while I might be having 3 of my own to peel my tired shopaholic eyes open.

Eliza-J fit and flare dress blush

I have to admit, there is something so fun about knowing that all over the country, there are fashion lovers staying up, drinking coffee at 10pm with their shopping finger ready to click ‘go!’ at midnight. So without further ado, here are so faves! Happy shopping!



Speaking of favorites, you may have spotted this dress from Eliza J in the Nordstrom Sale Catalogue. I had to have it the minute I saw it and got all the princess Meghan Markle vibes. It’s one of those pieces I know will be in my closet FOREVER aka perfect for any occasion. Definitely recommend this goody! It is currently only  $104 and will go up to $158 after the sale. It’s not super easy to see how amazing this fabric is from the photos, but just imagine of of those amazing thick Victoria Beckham dresses and you’ve got the right idea!



Hope you found some gems!! That wraps it up for now, but I will be sharing many more favorite on my Instagram stories in the coming weeks so be sure to tune in for those!



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