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Best make-up routine for the holidays and scandal eye magnetic lashes, by fashion blogger Lombard & Fifth.

Happy Saturday girls! I haven’t shared an updated make-up routine, so I thought I’d share my current routine with you today. This is everything I use to create a glam look, and I pair it down a bit (no lashes or eye shadow) on more casual days. Scroll down for a big discount on my go to magnetic lashes too! Good for today only. Hope you have the best weekend ahead!

Best make-up routine for the holidays and scandal eye magnetic lashes, by fashion blogger Lombard & Fifth.

SCANDAL EYE MAGNETIC LASHES – Ok guys, I SWEAR by these lashes! If you’re nervous about being able to apply false lashes, trust me, these are the ones for you. I have an application tutorial saved in highlights on my IG HERE. Also, I have a 50% discount code that is good for today only. Use code VERO50 HERE.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY FOUNDATION – I use Fair shade 4. Great medium coverage and wears great all day.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY FLAWLESS FILTER – I use this over my foundation on my cheeks, a bit on my forehead and nose, for the prettiest glow. Blends well with the foundation. 

NARS CONCEALER – I’m usually not a big fan of concealers because of how cakey they look, and this is the only one I’ve tried and loved! I use shade Creme Brulee

BENEFIT MICROFILLING WET PENCIL – Once you go to this brow pencil there is seriously no going back! I use shade 1 blonde.

BENEFIT LIQUID LINER – Super precise and hold up all day

BENEFIT CLEAR SHAPING & SETTING BROW GEL – This is such a game changer. I apply after my brows are done to hold them in place and add a bit of texture. Totally transforms the look!

CHARLOTTE TILBURY PRESSED POWDER – I use Medium shade 2. Swear by this powder!

CHARLOTTE TILBURY BRONZER – I have a whole blog post featuring this bronzer (HERE) because it’s just that good! Can’t recommend it enough. I use Medium shade 2.

ICONIC LONDOR LIQUID HIGHLIGHTER – Speaking of game changers! You HAVE to try this highlighter! A tiny bit goes a long way and the shades is just gorgeous. I use the original Champagne shade.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY LUXURY EYE SHADOW PALETTE   – New to me and I’ve been loving these little palette’s lately. My favorite is the Pillow Talk

NARS ORGASM BLUSH – Featured HERE, this is my favorite peachy hue, and you can buy it in an affordable set HERE. Would make for a great gift too!

CHARLOTTE TILBURY PILLOW TALK LIP PENCIL – My ultimate holy grail item and the only lip pencil I’ll probably ever use. Shade – Pillow Talk Original.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY SEDUCTION LIP GLOSS – If you’re looking for the perfect nude lip, then this + the pillow talk pencil is the perfect combo for you! 

NARS LIP GLOSS – I add just a touch of this lip gloss over my CT seduction or if I want the perfect peachy lip, I wear it alone with my CT pillow talk pencil. You can also shop it in this mini trio set under $30 for 3 items!


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