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How to Transition your Summer Dress for Fall


Fall is in full swing but that cool weather doesn’t mean you have to pack away all your summer favorites. But how to transition your summer dresses for fall and keep the fab factor? Don’t worry girl, I got you!

One, layer up! My go-to style tip to take your dress from summer to fall is add some layers. Either underneath, as I’ve done here with a turtle neck, worn under the dress. (a crisp button down shirt also works great to help create a chic fall look) Or adding layers over, whether it’s a faux fur vest, or an oversized cardigan. 

Two, keep it neutral. While I do translate many of my summer dresses into fall, there are some pieces I know can only work well in the warmer months. Anything that’s a true summer staple like a light white flowy lace or your brighter colors and summer fabrics like a light cotton are better saved for the warm months. Mainly because they won’t yield themselves well to a good layering. But your deeper hues like these marigold options (shop above) work great! 


Three – belts and boots! With these fall/winter staples, it’s the easiest way to take your dress look from hot summer nights to cool fall days. Choose belts and boots in neutral and dark colors to help tie in your moody fall vibe. 

Four – throw a coat over it. But not just any coat. Go for a monochrome vibe, which will help to create a full ‘look’ rather than just looking like you’ve thrown any coat over your dress as you were running out of the house because it’s cold outside. A great neutral coat will help to create drama and a more styled, complete feel to your outfit. A good coat is definitely an investment, so I recommend committing to three shades: black, ivory and camel. These three will take you everywhere darling!

Five – accessorize! Whether it’s going with our monochrome look by adding a neutral bag, or adding more layers like an oversized scarf, make your accessories do the work. If it’s not quite cold enough for a full length coat, a wrap or a big scarf always does the trick. A belt bag is another fall staple that’s HUGE this season. Whether investing in a designer piece or snagging a few affordable options, this key piece will help you tie in you transitional summer to fall dress look like a cherry on top of a cake!

Happy styling loves! 


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