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Breakfast in Bed

Night gown and robe Prelude Organic Lounge wear //

Sundays are made for sleeping in and lounging around with a good magazine and a cup of coffee……or that is, until you have kids.  Then it really doesn’t matter if it’s Sunday or Tuesday, you’ll always have your trusty 6am wake up call. Well this Sunday, early as I might be up, I am at least as comfy as can be in this nighty/robe combo from PReLude Organic Loungewear. A friend of mine began this handcrafted California made brand recently and gave me a few pieces to try out. I love any sleepwear that’s cotton based, and if it’s organic that’s always a huge bonus. This line is not out in stores quite yet but I can’t wait to see the whole line. Check out their Kickstarter page if you would like more information.

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