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White Lace//Pink Roses

Dress | Heels | Bag vintage Chanel |

Spring in San Francisco means shivering with every blog post shoot and boy was this one no exception! I literally stopped half way through and told Eric, “alright, we’re done!’ Usually I am the one asking, ‘come on honey, just a few more!’ but I was so cold, no amount of blush roses or pretty white lace could keep me in front of that camera. But later, sitting late night in bed, under 50 blankets and going through the photos, I almost laughed at how easy and warm they look. That’s the life of a fashion blogger! The glamour is about 1%, the prep and everything that goes along to getting that final post up is the other 99%. That’s why when you see the final result, and you know how much went into it, it really is a great feeling. Hope you liked this look. This SLF dress also comes in black and makes a major statement!

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