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Best of the Sephora Beauty Insider Sale. What I bought and loved and reordered.
Best of the Sephora Beauty Insider Sale. What I bought and loved and reordered.

Another amazing sale is happening this week and this time it’s all things beauty. It’s the Sephora Beauty Insider Sale and it’s open to all members today. (exact saving details below). And if you’re not a Beauty Insider, just register your email and you’ll save 10% off your first purchase! I know sales like these can feel overwhelming. The product list is endless, and every blogger seems to have a hundred recommendations. Where do you even start?! So, this year I thought I’d break it down two ways. Share a more extensive list of my favorites but also pair down to just a few all-time favorites I have ordered over and over again through the years, that I highly recommend. So, let’s dive into the top favorites and what to buy from Sephora first! In no particular order:

Best of the Sephora Beauty Insider Sale. What I bought and loved and reordered.

ONE: Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter – You can use this mixed in with your foundation or dab just a bit on cheekbones and all areas where you want a little glow and blend. I often use it as a light foundation all by itself. I LOVE the subtle glow it gives and it’s definitely one of those items you have to try out to fully appreciate. I wear Medium shade 4.

TWO: Isle of Paradise Tanning Water in shade dark. I specifically want to recommend shade dark because it delivers a beautiful bronzy brown, no orange in sight, while not being too severe. (think buildable) There is ZERO streaking and it’s so easy to apply. Just spray one area at a time and then rub in using circular motions with the glove (the glove is key!) I’ve tried a ton of self-tanners and a bunch of the drops which you mix with lotion (yes the ones from Isle of Paradise too) and the spray water wins over them all in my opinion. Pro tip, apply while standing in the shower to avoid overspray on your floors and the bottoms of your feet becoming crazy tan!

THREE: Supergoop Glowscreen. Run don’t walk and grab this SPF girl! Life changing. I could not for the life of me find a sunscreen I liked, let alone one that would wear well under make up and this is both. I have dry skin and every other sunscreen just gives me that tight feeling. This one is really hydrating and on days where I want a minimal, natural look, I wear it alone and the tint is just enough for some super light coverage with a glow.

FOUR: Laneige Lip Mask. You have for sure seen bloggers talk about this “sleeping mask” but I’ll just be honest. I use this as my regular lip balm. I am one of those people who needs hydration on their lips at all times and this little goodie is in every purse and nightstand in my house. I slather a bunch on a night too, and the best trick is to put a generous layer on while you’re doing your make up routine, so by the time you’re ready for lip liner and lipstick your lips are super hydrated and ready for even the most matte lipstick.

FIVE: Iconic London Prep Set Glow. This is my secret weapon for any photo shoot or event where I want my skin to be in full JLo music video mode. Aka that perfect bronzy glow! Disclamer: this is intended for face only but I spray my arms, legs, collar bone area and just the face. It instantly elevates your tan to wow levels and gives your skin some hydration while doing it. Just obsessed!

BONUS Fave: St.Tropez Bronzing Water Face Mist. The only reason I’m not officially including this in the list above is because it’s a fairly new to me product. I ordered it about a month ago after a recommendation from @things.i.bought.and.liked (love her recos!) and it did not disappoint! I’ve had a tough time finding a face tanning product I remotely liked so I was not expecting any miracles with this one but ended up loving it. The mist is super fine, which is a must! The scent is so dreamy, like a Maui vacation and most importantly the tan itself. Super buildable since the mist is so fine, so there’s no danger of waking up the next day looking like an orange monster. I recommend starting with just a few sprays and seeing what you think. Then going from there.

Best of the Sephora Beauty Insider Sale. What I bought and loved and reordered.

Alrighty, if you would like a deeper dive into more of my favorites see the below. This is my daily make up favorites, all of which I have ordered multiple times and highly recommend! I couldn’t include just a few that Sephora doesn’t carry, but for the most part it’s a full round up. Biggest stand outs: Benefit Micro Filling brow pen (literally life changing lol) Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk pencil and lipstick duo (pretty much the only lip combo I use) Laura Mercier translucent powder. Super light and airy. Doesn’t cake over your foundation. Tap directly on the items in the collage to shop!

Onto favorites in hair care! These are all items I have used and loved, most of which are in my daily rotation. Biggest favorites are, the Shu Uemura hair oil – just the scent will make you addicted! My T3 reverse barrel (don’t forget the base) for the perfect easy waves. The new Oribe Blowout cream, which became an instant holy grail as soon as I first tried it. Click or tap on the items to shop!

Lastly, some favorite skin and body care products and devices. It’s amazing how you realize how many products you’ve tried out and loved when you really sit down and start making a list! This list was hard to pair down but the below are all amazing. Biggest standouts: my beloved Kiehl’s Creme de Corps lotion that I always order in the giant tub size. Paula’s Choice chemical exfoliant. Was a random try for me and to this day it’s the best most gentle yet effective exfoliant I swear by. If you have sensitive skin, you need this in your life! The NuFace toning device. I use this at least 3 times a week and love the results. The mini is a great size, in my opinion you don’t need the bigger more expensive option. 

Hope this has been helpful to discover some new products which will become your holy grail favorites! I love putting these round up posts together for you guys so much. Feel free to send me any suggestions on products you can’t live without. I’d love to give some new items a try! Have the best day! 



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