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Happy Gift Giving with Happy Cards

After years and years of ‘training’ everyone in my family knows exactly what I want for Christmas. Gift cards!! I never understand why some people think that a gift card is a less thoughtful gift. In fact, it is literally the best thing you can give to someone. You are 100% guaranteeing that they will […]

5 Days of Gifting

Happy December guys! Well, we’re in the thick of the holiday season and this year I really wanted to take a moment to say a big ‘THANKS’. A thanks to all of you for all of your support for the past 5 years. I am so grateful for each and every one of you! So, […]

Hautelook Gift Guide | My Haute Home

Happy holidays means a happy cozy home, and I’ve rounded up all of my faves to gift, give….or keep (guilty!) from one of my go to favorite sites: Hautelook. I love finding an amazing deal and regularly peruse this site, because there is something new every day. So it’s like Christmas, all year long!  One […]


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