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self care routine favorites, skincare drink, last minute gifts

Happy Sunday! Are you in the middle of gift buying madness this weekend? Well, same and it honestly feels a bit too much. I wanted to take a little time out and share some of my current cozy self-care favorites today and hopefully help you take a little time for yourself and get you ready to ease into the week ahead. I’ve been really trying to prioritize this time on Sundays, with yoga and meditation in the morning, ( THIS is the medication app I use, I can’t recommend it enough! It’s made a huge difference in keeping up with my daily practice) and making sure I am optimally hydrating throughout the day. (The Pique BT Fountain has made a big difference for me, both in feeling better and seeing a difference in my skin’s hydration, which has been rough to maintain during the winter months. I have a discount code LF5 for an extra 5% off for you) Then it’s maybe a hair mask (code VERONICA15 for 15% off) and movie with my girlies and trying to get everyone to bed early. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

self care routine favorites, skincare drink, last minute gifts


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