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Pastels with my Mini | Ted Baker

Dress Ted Baker (c/o) Also love this one – currently 25% off! | Jacket Ted Baker (c/o) | Charlie’s dress Chichwish (c/o)

It’s a rare occasion when Miss Charlie will be up for taking some photos with mama, so I seize the moment when I can! I think she couldn’t help but get excited over how pretty these pastel florals are. Ok, I may have bribed her with a lollipop but those are minor details!

You know I love all things TED and this jacket and fall florals combo is my absolute favorite. The funniest thing about this leather jacket, is that I swear every time I wear it 1) I get a ton of comments on how pretty the color is and 2) People literally want to ‘feel it’. I laugh every time, but really can’t blame them! This leather is amaaaazing!

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