Microneedling, Dysport and what you need to know before diving in

Microneedling with Botox review at the Allure Rejuvenation Center, featured by top US beauty blog, Lombard and Fifth

This post continues to be my most searched blog post month after month, so I thought I would add to it, as I just got my 3rd Microneedling session at Allure Rejuvenation Center. After not being able to get any treatments for over 6 months, let alone leave my house really, I appreciated every second and was so excited to see that glow in my skin a few days later. If you are new to Microneedling, scroll down to read about the whole procedure in detail. I also go into Microneedling with Dysport and why it has been my absolute holy grail of procedures.

Now let me speak to this latest session a bit. I had not gotten Botox, or Dysport rather (what I have been using, in place of Botox at Allure) since December, nine month ago, so my skin was in let’s call it “its most natural state”. This made me super excited for the third Microneedling session with Dysport, because I would truly see if the Dysport, applied just at the surface of the skin, really makes a difference with Microneedling. And let me report, that it yes ma’am it sure does! On day two my skin had it’s usual slight sandpaper feel, which I made sure to apply extra moisturize to and keep it protected from the sun. Then, around day 4 is when I really saw a difference. I woke up with a glow and my skin looking and feeling more taught and just plain more youthful. It really was noticeable. Since the Dysport is dripped onto the skin (not injected),  then pushed slightly under the surface with the Microneedling pen, it works in the same way as when injected but in a way more subtle way. So, everything still moves, your skin just looks more youthful in a subtle way.

If you are considering Microneedling, I definitely recommend adding on Dysport or Botox (again, same thing just different brand names) Allure Rejuvenation Center was one of the first to start offering this treatment and I’m very glad I tried it out! Never going back.

Before I go, a quick note on Dysport vs. Botox. As I mentioned, they are very similar, like two brands that makes the same type of product. Think Pepsi vs Coca Cola. You may have a preference toward one over the other. Dysport is a bit less expensive and metabolizes slower in some people, aka lasts longer. I would recommend trying it once and seeing how it compares to Botox for you, and see which one is more your cup of tea. Some people metabolize both at the same rate, so you may not see a huge difference, but I’m always a fan of trying out multiple options to see what works best for me. I also noticed that I did not bruise at all with Dysport, when I got my last set of injections a few weeks ago, whereas I do always get at least one or two little bruises with Botox. Not sure if that was just coincidence, but definitely adding to the Dysport ‘pro’ list. 

Not going to lie guys, one of the biggest highlight of quarantine being over, is getting out for a few beauty treatments!  I’ll be sure to document what I try out next at Allure here. They are offering some amazing new things that are kind of blowing my mind. To be continued!

Microneedling with Botox review at the Allure Rejuvenation Center, featured by top US beauty blog, Lombard and Fifth

{ORIGINAL POST – JULY 2019} From the very first day I walked into Sheri’s Allure Rejuvenation Center office for a consultation visit, we started discussing Microneedling. I have done other procedures with Allure in the past year (seen HERE) and since seeing this procedure pick up speed on the popular meter I have been dying to try it for myself. I love to nerd out on a good skincare treatment and the innovative twist Sheri adds to her technique had me counting down the days until our first session.

But what is Microneedling anyway?

Microneedling is a process of dragging an electrical pen-like tool with tiny needles at the head along the face, puncturing the surface. (thus, the name) The idea is to create micro injuries in the skin, as well as get products (a combination of serums applied to the skin) deep into the skin. The healing process of the tiny injuries then helps promote the production of collagen which in turn helps to minimize wrinkles, give the skin a more supple, thicker appearance and help with pigmentation issues. (YES, to all of this please!)

Does it hurt?

In doing my research prior to my first treatment I saw that some aestheticians choose to do Microneedling with no numbing cream. Yikes! I had the pleasure of having a 20-minute Adele listening session while Sheri applied a generous dose all over my face and let it activate.

We then started on my forehead which is (in my opinion) the only painful part. This is because there is no fat there, so it truly feels like you are having needles dragged along your face. Joy! I imagine this is what getting a tattoo feels like. I let out my breath as we finished the 3 passes on the forehead and moved on to kinder territory of my cheeks and chin. Easy breezy from here on out! The numbing cream is key girls! I can’t imagine doing this procedure without it. 

Microneedling 101 featured by top San Francisco fashion blogger Lombard and Fifth.

What is Microneedling with Botox?

If you have heard of “Botox Stamping” or the “Botox Facial”, this is a take on that and a technique that Sheri swears by. Instead of injecting Botox with a needle, she drips it directly onto the skin (along with the mix of SkinCeuticals serums) and then runs the microneedle pen over it 3 times. The whole cocktail, Botox included, gets pushed in at the dermal level, penetrating the skin but not getting into the muscular level like Botox would when injected. This part is what made me send Sheri a text on day 5 post my first month’s treatment with a “Holy S*h%t!! My skin looks amazing!” I woke up, went to wash my face and literally gasped at the more youthful face looking back at me. The data is mixed on this, as it is still a new technique, but I’ll just say, speaking for my own results, huge fan!

Is there downtime after?

After the procedure is done, Sheri lathers on the rest of the serum as well as SkinCeuticals SPF 50 and I put on my giant hat to head to the car. My face feels like it is on fire as the numbing cream wears off, but this only lasts for about an hour. When I get home, I feel a slight burning sensation which only gets worse when I go to wash my face at night. Then there is a period of about 20 minutes when my skin feels super raw, before it returns to normal. I highly recommend doing this treatment on a Friday if you’ve got a 9-5. While there is not necessarily a downtime period, your skin does feel very raw and exposed for the next 24 hours or so, and the procedure is the most effective if you ‘lather yourself up’ with as much moisture during that time as possible. Think of it this way, your skin is more ‘open’ during that time. Would you rather apply the good stuff like THIS and let it do its magic while you’re healing, or drown your skin in foundation, trying to hide redness from your office mates?

Microneedling with Botox featured by top San Francisco fashion blogger Lombard and Fifth.

What is the post care regiment?

Aside from keeping your skin moisturized, I’ve found that taking Arnica tablets before and after treatment really cuts the healing time. (I start 2 days before) This was another Sheri gem, so I can take zero credit. SPF is also a must if you plan on going outside. This one comes highly recommended and has been my go-to. Lastly, do a sheet mask at the end of the day, post treatment. It really helps to calm the skin and absorb more of ALL the good stuff. This one was magical!

Microneedling with Botox featured by top San Francisco fashion blogger Lombard and Fifth.

How often should you do it?

Microneedling is safe to do every 30 days. I am doing a 4-round treatment at Allure Rejuvenation Centerand will continue to add info here as I go through the whole process. Send any questions my way via comments or email! (veronica@lombardandfifth.com)

I am currently on day 3 post my second treatment. My skin still has a bit of a fine sandpaper feel, which goes away (at least for me around day 4). Can’t wait to wake up and say ‘Hello gorgeous!’ on day 5 again!


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