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Matchy Matchy Polka Dots

Mommy Dress | Grace’s Dress | Heels | Sunnies |

“Mama what are you doing?”

“I’m unpacking some dresses for us.”

“For both of us??”

“Yup! They are matching, and we get to take pictures in them together.”

“And I get to come??”

“Haha, yes silly head. You get to be the star of the show!”

……..and with that started my favorite collaboration ever. When I saw these fun matching dresses from Leota New York, I thought it would be super fun to make a whole ‘matchy matchy’ theme with them. Hair and sunnies included. After a few moody minutes and complaining about the wind (what a little diva!), Grace was ready to strike her first fashion blogger pose! And boy did she get into it. Midway through our little session, I stopped and took it all in. My big girl, old enough to have these silly and amazing moments with me. To get excited about our ‘weird braids’. Moments like these make all the sleepless nights and the regular frustrations of parentinga thousand percent worth it. Thanks for letting me have my gushing mommy moment 🙂

To shop more of these pretty dresses click here. Not all come in a matching mommy/daughter style, but there are lots and lots of beautiful prints to choose from, which you’ll totally fall in love with.

Thanks so much for reading and have a fab week!



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