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Five Ways to Get your Work from Home Vibe right

Five Ways to Get your Work from Home Vibe right, featured by top San Francisco fashion blogger Lombard and Fifth

As we all try to get used to this new normal of working from home, and I browse the web seeing posts on “how to be your best WFH self”, I can’t help but think “a lot of these tips are not useful at all!” So, I wanted to put together a quick 5 ways guide sharing what has truly worked for me, as someone who has been working from home for a while now. I hope you find these tips helpful and incorporate them into your own daily routine.

Five Ways to Get your Work from Home Vibe right, featured by top San Francisco fashion blogger Lombard and Fifth

I’ve never been the kind of girl who can work in denim and a blazer at home. It was always, roll out of bed, make a coffee, throw on some sweats and crack open that laptop kind of a morning routine for me. Since having the girls at home and having to get on a way tighter work schedule though, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my productivity if I get fully ready, cute outfit and all, early in the morning and “show up” as my best self for the work day. Here are some pieces I’m loving that you can incorporate into your WFH wardrobe.


This is a biggie! No matter the size of your home, moving from the couch to your bedroom, to the kitchen table will ultimately make you feel chaotic and prove to be unproductive. Find a space in your home where there won’t be any interruption and designate that as your official workspace. Most people don’t have the luxury of a home office, so carve out a little corner and do your best to make it feel and look organized and inviting. Here are some office organization tools that I use and love.


When you are done working, don’t spend any of your ‘off hours’ in your workspace. You can browse those online sales from the couch! That will get you into the habit of knowing when to turn on and off and keep your work life balance in check. This has always been the hardest rule for me to follow, since being an influencer means your work is really never done. However, learning to turn off and unplug has made my ‘on’ hours incredibly more productive and creative, because I know that I have to squeeze everything I can into that designated time. Even if it’s doing something on your phone, if it’s work related, do it from your ‘office’ and then leave it there.


Another big hurdle when you are working from home are ALL the distractions. From your kids constantly needing something to a TV being on, it’s never ending. Here are two things that have worked for me. 1) Turn everything off. No podcast on in the background, no TV, no music. This will enable you to fully focus on the task at hand and finish it way faster. 2) Set time limits. I recently got this time cube and it has made all the difference in keeping me on top of my to-do list.


Another pitfall I often found myself in. I used to write a mile-long to-do list for the day, which really should have been my weekly plan. When I only got to a third of it, I felt like I had failed that day. So now, when I start my list on Monday morning, I spend time mapping out what needs to be done each day, as well as a weekly bigger picture list. I’ve also been trying to map out how long each task ‘should’ take and using my time cube to keep myself to that time limit. Not going to lie, it’s a struggle for my perfectionist personality but making this a big priority, I’ve noticed an improvement in the past two weeks.

Like I tell my girls, “practice makes perfect”. As with any new routine, it takes time getting used to, and doing it over and over is what will truly make it stick. Give yourself time to adjust knowing that it will be tough at first to change some of your bad habits. Remembering the big picture of what you are trying to accomplish will help you succeed. Good luck, and you got this!


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