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Affordable Tie Dye Finds for Spring & 5 Family Activities to do at home

Target tie dye set, featured by top San Francisco blogger Lombard and Fifth.

I have been living in this affordable Target Tie Dye set lately and just saw that it is on sale. Since most of us will be staying home with our littles for the time being, I see a lot of comfy set in our wardrobe future. Rounding up my favorite affordable tie dye finds below that will put a smile on your face, below. After all isn’t tie dye just the happiest print?

Speaking of staying home with your kiddos. We are in the same boat over here, so I have started a list of our favorite activities to keep them occupied while at home. Here are five that might help you get your kids excited about have to stay in doors.

  • Family puzzle time – We started a puzzle this weekend and doing it as a whole family made it so much for fun! These come with different sized pieces so both kids and adults get a good challenge!
  • Cooking family friendly meals your kids can help with. We love giving our girls jobs to do, so making something they can help with like pizzas, sushi or charcuterie boards, where no sharp tools are needed are the perfect family activity. Find some recipe ideas HERE.
  • Beauty Day – this is for my fellow girl mamas. Break out your nail polish stash, dust off your braiding skills, and play “Beauty Salon” with your girls. Mine love this so much on regular weekends so I’m seeing a whole lot of it in my future! Since many of us still have to work, even from home, I’m linking some salon play sets below your littles can play independently with.
  • Family yoga class – Surprisingly even Eric is getting on board with this one! CorePower Yoga (where I go!) is currently offering free online classes so take advantage and get your stretching time in. Your kids will love joining you! We are planning on doing a class all together today. Clear the family room honey!
  • Make a mess and build a fort. Good ole fort building! You’d think they would be over this, but our kiddos love it every time. Take your work break and grab all the pillows and blankets you can find and help them create a cozy space. Then make a snack they can have inside with their favorite book and a flashlight!


Target tie dye set, featured by top San Francisco blogger Lombard and Fifth.
Target tie dye set, featured by top San Francisco blogger Lombard and Fifth.
Love it, couldn’t wear it reels style with my daughter Grace. Our favorite statement looks that we couldn’t wear in 2020.

Hope you all have a safe and cozy week with your families! 


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