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Easter | Dainty Jewell's Dresses

Mommy dress Dainty Jewell’s ℅ | Daughter dress Dainty Jewell’s ℅ | Cuffs The Silver Loft ℅ | Rings The Silver Loft ℅ | Necklace Benevolent Jewels ℅ | Shoes Christian Louboutin |

This collaboration with Dainty Jewell’s has to be my favorite one in a while. It was the first time I got to have my little partner in crime shoot photos with me and I loved every minute of it. Well, maybe not every minute. Though the day, Easter, was filled with laughs and amazing moments, there were also some major Murphy’s Law ones, which already seem funny looking back, but oh boy, at the time – not so much! My hubby was out of town, so I had to get the girls ready and drive with them by myself to my mother-in-law’s house, where she was having a big Easter party. Well, unbeknownst to me my little 2 and a half year old devil snuck a chocolate egg out of her basket and into her car seat. As we were pulling up to the house (in pouring rain, I might add!) I hear her say “Mommy, I’m messy”. I turn around and see what looks like a sea of melted chocolate all over her face, dress (ahh!!) and the rest of the car seat. Well this sure wasn’t part of the plan! After cleaning her up and praying that I could some how still take photos, I remembered that I brought a cute little cardigan for her and the day was saved :). She loved meeting the Easter bunny and was so upset when he had to leave that she made me help her look for him the rest of the day. The last photo was taken after she realized he wasn’t coming back until next year. That face says it all! All in all it was a great Easter. I sure learned a lesson though! When there is chocolate involved, keep the pretty dress off your kid until the camera is on and ready! 🙂 Hope you all had a great time with your families on Easter as well.

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