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Turban plunge

Turban Zara // Brooch Vintage // Top …. // Pants Diesel (on sale!) // Heels Christian Louboutin // Necklace Forever 21 (older) // Sunglasses Hillfiger (older) // Cuff Hermes (in store only) //

I have been swooning over hipster gals lately, when spotting them effortlessly rocking a turban but have been dissuaded to take the plunge myself. Mainly because my husband has repeatedly pointed out how ‘stupid’ they look. And as much as I hate listening to him about fashion trends, he has been annoyingly on point many a time, and I was secretly afraid that he was seeing something I wasn’t with this one. Until now. I was recently doing a last lap of the Zara sale and spotted this turban sitting pretty on a stand with some accessories next to it. “You know what?” I thought to myself, “I CAN pull this off damn it! I used to be such a fashion risk taker. What happen? If a little turban can scare me off, what next??” So I grabbed it off the shelf, paired it with this vintage brooch and never looked back…..until I got home and my husband smirked and said, “Glad I wasn’t hanging out with you tonight.” Sigh.

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