Not going to lie it’s been a mixed bag of emotions over here, as we are passing week 6 of staying at home. Some days I’m motivated and energized, and some days are very tough. I’ve noticed that when I have a home project to work on, I get such a positive charge and true joy, so I wanted to share some ways that you can not only make your home feel fresh, but also help your overall state of wellbeing during this crazy time.

Five easy ways you can make your home feel new, featured by top San Francisco fashion blogger Lombard and Fifth.
Five easy ways you can make your home feel new, featured by top San Francisco fashion blogger Lombard and Fifth.

I used to not be a fan of faux florals. In fact, so much so that when I saw them somewhere, I immediately disliked the rest of the room. They seemed old lady like to me, and dusty and just looked SO fake from a mile away. Cut to 2020 and I am seriously obsessed! I suppose along with everything else, faux blooms have come a long way! My favorites are from Afloral, and I swear by these. They are so realistic even have just the slightest scent. Normally this would be a deal breaker for me actually. I am super sensitive to smell and hate most faux scents. But this I LOVE. So, with all that being said, I noticed that adding a few of these arrangements to our home since starting quarantine had given me so much joy. It’s a small thing that makes a big difference! Add a ginger jar to your entry way or a space you spend the most time in. I love how this jar has brightened up our living room. Shop this arrangement and a few more favorite blooms below.


Ok y’all, I showed you this grout pen on my IG stories the other day and you went crazy for it! I cannot tell you enough how magical this little thing is. I was on Eric’s case to get our kitchen floor replaced because the grout is so old and there was no amount of cleaning (even bleaching) that made a dent in making it look better. Until I discovered this $9 gem! It acts almost the same as white out to paper and basically draws a new white line in your grout. Order multiples though because it does run out quite fast. Every time I walk into our kitchen now, I can’t help but do a little happy double take.


This is my plan for our master bathroom. In my vanity area to be specific. I recently had a zoom happy hour with my girlfriends and all three of us decided to do this little update. If you have smooth walls (even if you don’t own your home!) peel and stick wallpaper is literally the easiest, most inexpensive update you can do, which gives the most WOW before and after results. I’ve found that Etsy has endless affordable options. So pour a glass of wine, grab your partner and make this a fun project while quarantining! I promise you will love this mini change!

Five easy ways you can make your home feel new, featured by top San Francisco fashion blogger Lombard and Fifth.
Five easy ways you can make your home feel new, featured by top San Francisco fashion blogger Lombard and Fifth.


Raise your hand if you’ve never spent this much time on your couch before in your life! Same girl, same. So, how can we make this heavily used space a little happier? You don’t have to break the bank to make your lounge around space feel fresh. Here are 3 little updates you can do, all under $100.

  • Change out your throw pillows. Below are some super affordable ones I’m loving!
  • Add a little chic to your coffee table. It’s as easy as picking out a glam tray and adding a few candles, a vase and a glass cloche. (I’m obsessed with those)
  • Change up what’s on your console. You don’t have to order a bunch of new shelfie pieces. Plan on one or two new things and then do a little circle around your house. Grab a coffee table book that’s currently in your bedroom, a few decorative pieces that would blend well. I love this trick for a refresh. Just moving a few things from one room to another can make a space feel totally new. And throw in a new accent to make it all come together. Here are some I have been eyeing.


If you follow more than 5 bloggers on IG, you’d think every person in America has a grand marble vanity space to get ready at every morning. Shocker, not so! I have recently given my little vanity area a little refresh and thought (I could really do this anywhere in the house) So, whether you have a large bathroom or a free little corner in your bedroom, creating a cozy chic vanity space that’s all your own will give you such a sense of joy and renewed energy to want to get ready every morning. Especially now that we all need all the motivation to give a …….. . Here are my favorite finds to get you started!

I hope these tips were helpful. I have definitely been having days where I feel so down and anxious that I’m not quite sure how to feel. But, somehow doing these little projects has truly been giving me a sense of peace, some much needed positive energy and strangely also a sense of hope. Hope that once this is behind us, I will be waking up in a space which is a happier fresher one, than it was just a bit ago. So, let’s all keep getting through this, one little project and happy distraction at a time!

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