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Being in NYC period, already always feels magical for me. The energy of the people, busily rushing to (presumably) somewhere important. The grand size of all the flagship stores. The feeling of fresh ideas floating in the summer air, during our early morning walks. It all just fuels me. Being on the 45th floor of the stunning London Hotel, looking into the haze of freshly rained on New York adds a whole new dollop of beauty.

We got a chance to explore this gorgeous hotel during our stay, and I immediately fell in love with every detail. This suite though, obviously speaks for itself. 180 degrees of glass, with a retractable ceiling…..can I come back and throw an epic party here please? I suppose twirling around in a whimsical Marchesa Notte dress will have to do for now!


Speaking of which, both of these looks showed up at my door right in time, the day before we left for our trip, via Rent The Runway aka the best thing that’s ever happened to me. (zero exaggeration here girls!) I’ve known about RTR for a long time, but had never pulled the trigger on ordering items from them……until they did something life changing. They created RTR Unlimited. Drop the mic and sign me up! Did you guys have the same fantasy as I did when Netflix started and I said “ah I wish I could have this for clothes! Some day!” When RTR first started their concept was a good one. Rent 1 or more pieces for a window of time, at a set price. Perfect for events like a wedding, or something special but not something you would probably use all the time for your day to day wear. Well, just like Netflix changed everyone’s world with streaming, in my opinion so did RTR with adding the ‘Unlimited’ option.

For $159 a month you can pick 4 items to rotate through, keeping them as long or as little as you want. Now we’re talking! My ever fresh style wanting mind was blown and I have been absolutely hooked since my first order. Dreamy gowns aside, there are endless more casual options and one of my favorite parts has been, being able to try out ‘new to me’ designer’s the fit or quality of which I am not totally familiar with. Stay tuned for more pieces from RTR coming here soon, and I promise there will be some great casual ones that are perfect for work and weekend fun. Oh AND you guys can get 40% off your first month of Unlimited with code LOMBARDPERK40. Enjoy!!


For our last night in my favorite city, we decided to dress up and have a night out classic NYC style. Overdressed and loving it. I dawned my new leopard print Ganni dress, which I had just snagged on a major sale, and glided through the most gorgeous lobby. Ah this lobby guys. I think it’s my favorite part of the entire hotel. We walked into the gorgeous bar space and grabbed two glasses of champagne and apps, and talked about how lucky we are to be able to enjoy a night like this. Our usual hectic day to day is full of work and kiddo stress, which leaves little room for date nights. So, when we get an epic one like this, we really try to take it in. Hand in hand we took a late night stroll, taking in this gorgeous city…..and started planning our next adventure.

Look One: Marchesa Notte dress via Rent The Runway (c/o) | Clutch Ali & Me (c/o) | Heels PLV (c/o)

Look Two: Marchesa Notte dress via Rent The Runway (c/o) | Clutch Ali & Me (c/o) | Heels PLV (c/o)

Look Three: Ganni Dress | PLV heels (c/o) | Chanel bag (older)

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