Make A Wish in Rome


Another day in Rome, meant another morning chasing the sunrise for Eric and I, trying to capture one of our very favorite sights – The Trevi Fountain. We first saw it in all its tourist filled glory almost eight years ago, during our first trip to Europe. Before I knew what blogging was and Eric remembered what it was like to sleep in during a vacation. I remember making a wish to come back here one day. Who knew how different our lives would be, and that we would have two little blondies with us on our second trip to this beautiful city.

This etherial mint dress jumped out at me, while browsing my favorite site for all things dress related – ASOS. I knew exactly where I would be wearing it during our trip! (PS it’s only $103!) The water of the fountain was the exact same dreamy color and my new circle bag from Brahmin fit right in. Yup, another circle bag for this girl, but guys I swear this one is a must to add to your bag collection as well. I recently fell in love with this brand after attending an event they hosted in San Francisco. Their unique take on texture and a gorgeous color palette has such a cool vibe, and mixes classic styles with a touch of vampy perfectly. I couldn’t wait to take this goodie all over Europe with me.


Dress | Bag – Brahmin  | Earrings | Shoes 


As we were getting ready to hop back into our scary fast cab to fly to our next shooting destination Eric reminded me to make a wish. I held my coin and tried to take the fleeting moment in. How different would my life be in another eight years? I decided to not push my luck, since my last one came true so perfectly. We were back in this magical spot. With a beautiful family and adventure on our mind. This time I would wish for nothing more than to keep this little dream we have built. We came back later that day, with the girls in tow, along with about a thousand other tourists. Grace was on Eric’s shoulders and Charlie was holding my hand and a melting lemon gelato. I looked at them and hoped that we would come back to this very spot some day, and keep making wishes together.


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