Lace in Rome


Elliat Lace blue dress in Rome in front of Pantheon

When your hotel is located next to the Pantheon in Rome, a dressy twirl in front of it is mandatory. Rome, early in the morning has an unexplainable magical feel, like you are walking in a movie set, or are transported back in time to when all of these amazing structures were first built. The thing I can’t recommend enough, if you happen to be traveling to these typically tourist heavy areas in Europe, is to grab yourself an early morning coffee and roam around right at sunrise. You will have a completely different experience of the city and such a greater appreciation for all of the beauty that it is sometimes easy to miss among all of the day time commotion.


DRESS | CLUTCH Minza (c/o) also love it in SILVER | SHOES | HAIR extensions by HOTHEADS HAIR EXTENSIONS

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