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When this beyond cute top arrived at my door, I knew exactly what I would save it for. Our day in Capri! And I felt like I fit right in, down to my twinning moment with a set of orange and lemon bowls, outside of a restaurant we were walking by. “Honey, can we stop for a sec and take a photo?”

As soon as our boat pulled up to the shore, I could not get enough of just how picturesque this little gem of an island was. We only had about half a day to see it, so we opted for a quick lunch and a few hours at the rock beach. (stay tuned for part 2!)

We took the tram to the top of the island, where the main shopping and restaurant area was, which in itself was a beautiful experience! Our search for a lunch spot took us down the street where all the shops were located and I absolutely fell in love with all of the intricate glass pieces which seem to be the main showcase here. Beautiful rich colors, and amazing detail. I kept trying to figure out how I could pack up a giant glass chandelier in my suitcase.

We walked along the hilly scape until the girls reminded us that toddlers are not super into gorgeous views and glass shops. Then it was time for lunch and hitting the beach! I would definitely love to spend more than a day exploring Capri. Seeing it while on a cruise was definitely not enough time, to really take it the full vibe. Eric and I always say that cruising is a great way to seek out the spots you want to come back to for a full week. I think a week here would be a little long, since there is not a ton to really explore, but a couple of days sound wonderful!

Outfit Details

Top Brooke Wright Designs (c/o) | Hat Star Mela (c/o) | Pants | Sunnies Givenchy via Solstice Sunglasses (c/o)

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