The Perfect Road Trip Bag x Jemma

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I have always wanted to take a road trip the fabulous way: in a beautiful classic car, chic outfit and with the perfect bag. In fact, the first time I saw this Birdie bag from Jemma, I thought “this bag just screams, ‘throw me in a convertible and let’s go!!'” And who says you can’t wear a tulle skirt on an adventure?! Designed in New York and made with fine Italian materials, this fab bag is made to go the extra mile. From the gym, to work (there’s a perfect laptop pocket!) to your next adventure.

The beauty of living in Northern California is that you are three hours from virtually everything, therefore there is literally no excuse for some major adventuring! The beach, the mountains, the snow, you name it, it’s all just a short car ride away. So my little Birdie will be getting a whole lot of miles on it the rest of the summer! First up – Lake Tahoe in August. Stay tuned!

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