Summer in Lilly

Mommy & Daughter jumpsuits Lilly For Target (sold out) | Hat Gap | Flip Flops Lilly for Target (sold out) | Cuff C Wonder (older) | Earrings Mad Jewels (c/o) | 

I literally sprinted through the Target store on the morning the Lilly for Target collection came out, only to see empty racks, and women with carts full to the brim with my coveted Lilly items. Gasp! Cut to me waiting patiently by the fitting rooms and scoring three great items that luckily didn’t fit the other Lilly lovers. When I got home and showed by matchy finds to Grace, she screamed “I’m same like mommy!!” and made me dress her and myself up in our jumpsuits immediately. Ah my little fashionista! Unfortunately Lilly didn’t make any baby items for her collection, so Charlotte has to make due being our ‘neutral’ child for this shoot. Looks like all the Lilly stuff is still sold out online, but if you are dying for some of the happy prints, visit your local target. Every time I’ve gone, I have seen multiple returns and was able to get 2 of the great maxi dresses and a pair of flip flops. Good luck!

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